Meet the Nomads

Welcome to Nomad Luminary!

We are Darin and Suzanne, an active couple that is transitioning to a new, nomadic phase in our lives.

We're re ready to explore more, travel more, and live more.

You're invited to be part of our journey around the world, using your smart watch to guide you.

Our Nomad Luminary smart watches will be with us on our journeys, showing you just how versatile they are to suit your lifestyle.

We have been on top of Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico, climbed part way up Kilimanjaro mountain, held a crocodile in Panama, pet a kangaroo and a koala in Australia, sat with monkeys in Panama, explored the wilds of the Serengeti in Tanzania, laid on tigers and sat with the long necked ladies of Thailand, and so much more.

Our adventures have provided us with rich experiences that have enriched our lives.

We want to continue to explore and share our experiences with you.

There are so many rich and diverse cultures we have and need to experience and are allows fascinated by both the natural and manmade beauties that the world beholds. 

We'll be continuing to add more items to help you explore your world, starting with smart watches.

This is Nomad Luminary.

Are you ready to start your adventure?