Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

It all started last summer when new leadership took over at the company that we worked for.

We could see that there were going to be major changes for the business.

Unfortunately, we knew that Darin was going to be affected financially and also his work load by the upcoming changes.

It became very clear that we were going to have to look towards a new future.

Out of this decision came the vision of a new business that would eventually become Nomad Luminary.

Once we digested everything, we started to plan. By January of this year, we started to put the plan into action. We knew that in order to start living our "Nomad" life and be closer to our family that we were going to have to relocate from British Columbia back to Alberta.

We also started to plan a trip of a lifetime. It was time to get back to travelling the world.



First Step

We flew to Calgary and met with a friend that we have known for many years.

No one knew we were there. Michael helped us to try find a rental but nothing there was going to meet our needs. Thanks to Michael, we located a property in downtown Calgary and secured it for June 1. 

Second Step

March 1st came and the major changes went into affect at the company we were working. Thank goodness for Darin's smart watch as his blood pressure was adversely affected by the changes and he was able see his readings were not very good, right on his watch. On his smart watch, his blood pressure registered high, his pulse was high, and his pulse oximetry was declining. Thanks to his smart watch, we made him an appointment at the doctor to review his current health situation. The doctor advised 2 1/2 weeks off of work due to stress. The number one killer.....stress.

Darin was prescribed new meds and to monitor his blood pressure. Darin was advised to get outdoors to walk and do activities that did not strain him. The doctor advised him to just take time to enjoy his life and relax. Darin did just that. He went for a 6 km walk every day and played golf twice too. He kept an eye on his readings on his watch and every day his blood pressure and pulse started to lower and his pulse oximetry went higher (more oxygen), Darin knew that a "big" decision had to made regarding an end date at the company we worked at. 



Suzanne's health was also affected by the stress. She was feeling light headed and very anxious. Hair loss, tight chest, and foggy brain from stress and when she looked at her smart watch it showed her effects.  She had an opposite effect of low blood pressure and low heart rate with the stress and anxiety. Affects from stress also resulted in sleepless nights and hot flashes every night. Interesting how stress affects us all differently. If not for the smart watch, she would not have known that the reason she was dizzy was her blood pressure had dropped quite low.

Decision day, March 17, we both resigned from our positions and gave our two weeks notice. The company was kind enough to pay us both our two weeks and our next phase in the journey began. We will be sad not to see our friends at work every day but we will be sure to stay touch with them but great things wait for us in our new nomadic lifestyle. 

Thanks to our family and their support during this trying time.



Tracking our way to success and a healthier lifestyle. It is all about planning!











Step 3

We listed our property with our fantastic realtor, David Tsen and his team at Oracle in British Columbia and had multiple offers. We ended up with a great offer and a conditional sale on March 13. Great job, David.

March 21, our condo went final sale.

First good sleep in three months for both of us that day. We started walking 6 km a day and monitoring with our watches as we set a goal of 10,000 steps a day and eating healthier. Blood pressure and pulse are steadily getting better to where they should be. Tracking our progress on our watches to make sure that we are moving in the right direction. 

We put most of our furniture for sale March 23 and it started to sell right away. By March 24, more than half of what we had for sale was gone. 

Next stop Calgary for Easter with our daughter, her partner, and our wonderful little granddaughters. 

It is funny when a plan all comes together. You start to live a better life. Your health starts to improve and you can tangibly monitor when you have a smart watch. 

Living a life as a nomad with next stop after Calgary being Saudia Arabia.

It is time to LIVE life again!!!

Building Nomad Luminary around the world to help others put positive changes in their lives. 









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