New Beginnings and the Freedom to Choose

New Beginnings and the Freedom to Choose

Have you ever felt that you were just living to work and not working to live?

That the time that you were spending in most of your waking hours were not yours but the business you work for?

That is exactly what we discovered.

We were living more to work than living a "work optional" lifestyle that we should be. 

We found out "free" is not just four letter word you can banter about.

It has started to mean so much more for us.

We made a conscious decision to start taking the steps to a better lifestyle in this next phase of our lives.

The lifestyle that we want includes being free to do the things we want on our time and from anywhere we want.

The freedom to choose. 

We exchange time for money when we work for others.

Working in the corporate world, we realized we made many sacrifices.

Things like time away from friends and family, missed opportunities to travel at times we want, and much more.

Most importantly, we learned that we had little to no freedom.

Our time was not our own.

We earn great incomes but there is no room to have the lifestyle that we want and know we deserve.  

Most importantly, our health has suffered.

As a result of being too tired and fatigued, we are not taking the time to exercise properly.

This has resulted in weight gain and has placed additional stress on our bodies at a time where we really need to focus on living our best lives.

Our eating habits are suffering too as a result of the lack of time or energy to just prepare a simple healthy meal.

Brain fog, hot flashes (not Darin, lol), and not sleeping properly as a result.

The stress has resulted in elevated blood pressure, body pains, additional health issues, and more. 

Of course, this also means taking medication to conteract these issues which has its own side effects.

The merry-go-round needs to stop.

Stress is the silent killer and we are killing ourselves one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

Can you relate?

Too busy to just look after you?

No time to just make better decisions?

Nomad Luminary gives us the ability to take our lives back. 

With our new focus on freedom, we knew we had to make better concious decisions to live the life we deserve.

We are starting first by using smart watch technology that enables us to be able to better track our progress and lead us toward making better decisions regarding our health.

From tracking our blood pressure, heart rate, steps, and even our sleep, we can move towards ensuring that we are living our best lives.

darin and suzanne christmas couple nomad luminary

Adding a healthy diet will improve our lives greatly on our steps to shape our lives.

We know proper rest, relaxation, and travelling to places we have never been before and experiencing things that we never even knew we wanted to will also enrich our lives.

Taking one step at a time to transition to the phase in our lives is exciting.

As we take our smart watches with us on this next part of our journey, we will continue to monitor our activity and see the results.

We know that in the past, we have wrote things down to track and be accountable but with the newest technology we can track so much more efficiently and effectively.

We will save our results to look back on our successes and celebrate how far we have come.

Have you ever wanted to just take that first step to a better lifestyle?

Nomad Luminary allows us to take the next step to a happier and healthier lifestyle and help others to do the same. 

We are not waiting for the next steps in our lives to be told to us.

We are taking charge, once again. 

As we bring our smart technology around the world with us, we will be on new adventures, new experiences, places on our bucket list, and even adding to that list as we explore the world.

Come check out our adventures as we move forward to this work optional lifestyle where we will be working on our own schedule and from anywhere in the world we may be.

Nomad Luminary will give us this lifestyle and are inspired to bring it to you and look forward to sharing our journeys with you as we transitional towards the freedom to choose.

From embers to igniting a fire...

Celebrate our successes with us as we transition to this new phase in our lives with Nomad Luminary. 

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