Moving Out and Moving On

Moving Out and Moving On

We are so excited to start the next chapter in our future with a more nomadic lifestyle. It has not been without challenges but nothing we can not overcome. Challenges are blessings as we move towards our new future with Nomad Luminary. Our new found freedom tastes good and we look forward to creating a life that is healthier and more enjoyable. Moving out and moving on to the next phase.

After getting out of the corporate rat race then selling the property we loved to make room for the next adventure, packing and getting ready for the move was the next challenge.  Loaded with hard choices to make the dream work. 


We are not just moving to a different, smaller condo but a different province to be closer to friends and family. Excited to have a fresh start but certainly not the moving part or the small renovation at the new location to come. 

We have continued to be active and keep tracking our blood pressure to make sure that we are managing it. This was easier with smart technology. It is hard to reduce our stress during this transition but when you are more aware with the monitoring you can take the time to stop and just breathe.



We were able to track our hard work with the calorie counter and pedometer too. Interesting how many steps can be made in a small space when you are all over the place.





We got ready to move and also packed for our big journey to the other side of the world. This also included new suitcases with smart trackers to ensure we knew where our luggage was too.  Blood pressure went up a little and so did our pulse rates as moving and packing is not really meant to be fun but it was cathartic.

The biggest challenge is moving to another province and downsizing again to a smaller condo.

It is trying to figure out what is most important and what can we not live without. Making difficult choices regarding furniture, memorabilia, clothing, and more to lean out our life. Just getting rid of stuff. It makes you look at things in a different light when the things that you own need a valid purpose and be useful or else it is time to pare it down. 



To make the move most efficient and replace the larger furniture with more suitable furniture, we sold the majority of the furniture and are only taking what we knew would work well in the new condo and its smaller footprint.


sOne frustration was we kept losing our phones while packing boxes.



It became one of the easiest to overcome too. We were looking high and low for our phones until we looked at our watches and thought how long is this going to take. We had only a short window to get the condo packed and ready for the movers. We were frustrated then we looked down and realized that we had the answer right at our fingertips or should we say wrists. 




How do you overcome this? With our smart technology, we were able to push the "locate your phone" option right on our watches. Thank goodness for this option as one of the phones had even dropped into a box. It would have been disastrous if we were unable to locate these when we were ready to leave.

We have used this feature many times and it is a great option to have on the watches.

We are almost ready for our move in June after we renovate the new location. This will happen upon our return from our "world tour".

We packed our small SUV to the rafters with renovation necessities, our luggage for our trip, and Easter treats for the grandchildren. We headed out to Alberta on the new adventure.




Thank goodness the weather cooperated and we were able to see great mountain views as we progressed towards the next leg in our journey. 






It was interesting to see the difference in the scenery and made the 10 hours seem shorter. 



After we celebrate Easter with our family, we are headed out to bring Nomad Luminary to the other side of the world. Moving out and moving on to a better tomorrow. We look forward to bringing you our next adventures. 


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