Ancient Wonder of the World in Egypt

Ancient Wonder of the World in Egypt

Hello fellow Nomads!

Our next journey took us to Egypt where we were so exicited to go. We were able to explore this incredible history filled country with a reputable tour company that showed us all of the highlights while letting us explore on our own as well. 

We were reminded to be respectful of the culture and made sure to dress appropriately. The women wore longer skirts or pants that covered their knees and had scarfs to cover their head, if necessary. Best to be respectful of other people's culture to strike a balance between being aware and accepting of the culture to be able to be appreciative of the opportunity to be there. 

On our first day there, our first stop was the Cairo Museum.

 It was very busy and we were glad to have our guide to lead the way! Our guide showed us the highlights of the museum first to beat the rush and then to explore on our own. King Tut and all the treasures are amazing to see in person and just not the same as seeing on TV. There are hundreds of artifacts, mummies, and treasures from the past shown in great displays.

The staff is also helpful at answering any questions we had. You can easily stay all day to "try" to take it all in.


The new Cairo museum that is already built located near the pyramids and is over 1 million square ft. Yes 1 million!

Although it is open and they have already moved a lot of the mummies to there it is still in the process of artifacts being moved in. Can not wait to see this museum when it is complete. Next time.....

We had a phenomenal lunch at the Nile hotel across from the museum that consisted of many of the traditional dishes and desserts of Egypt.

It was an amazing meal and the flavours were out of this world. We were so stuffed that the bus ride was welcome for us to digest our fantastic meal.







We then transited to a visit one of the last remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramids! As you head there by bus, there are peaks of them as you go around the edge of the city and highways.

We were very excited at them to see them soon. Again, it is in our experience to go with a reputable tour company to show you the sites and have the best time in the area.

It is very hot in the desert so dress appropriately and be prepared with hats, sunscreen, and a great attitude.  Arriving at the pyramids is jaw dropping and awe inspiring.

The Sphinx was also amazing to see and greet us as we got off the bus. You simply forget how long you traveled to see worth it! Once we were there, our guide explained the we were able to either go on a camel ride or go inside the second pyramid. We opted to go inside the pyramid. We were able to go inside a long, low tunnel that lead to a burial room in one of the Pyramids which gives you a view of ancient Egyptians incredible architecture and decoration.

The tunnel is hot and humid and with the low ceilings makes it more than just simply walking into the burial chamber. There are people coming out and going in and the temperatures inside the tunnel are very high. With the height of about 4 1/2 feet, everyone has to lean over to get through the tunnel.  It was still amazing to go inside of a pyramid and see the room where the sarcophagus was laid prior to closing the tunnel.  An amazing adventure.

When we exited the pyramid, we were taken to a view area where the vendors had stalls with their wares that we were able to look at. Bring cash, they do take US dollars too. The camel vendors were there also and those that opted to go on the camel ride came back to this area. It is safer to make sure that you have the ride arranged on a camel but also expect to tip the camel owner and for taking any pictures with a camel. We snuck a few pictures of the camels but we understand that you may have to pay if required. 

This area was a great spot to view the pyramids across the desert and really showed what it would have looked like prior to the city encroaching on them.

It was a bucket list moment to not only go into a pyramid but to view them the way others would have back in the day. We put on a lot of steps going around the complex. Our smart watches tracked our steps, heart rate, and blood pressure as we viewed the complex.(which was way up there with all the excitement of the day).

We then travelled over from the view area to the Sphinx. It was amazing to see it from the front and to actually go on the path that people would have travelled to go to the temples from ancient times. The Sphinx is actually down from the path and is amazing to close up.

An amazing piece of history that looks just like we have seen in pictures but feels like so much more in person. We can not simple put into words what it feels like to see and feel this part of the history. Bucket List Journey!

After this, we then went to a few stores that were set up by the tour company, of There are many beautiful things to buy there depending on your budget. They do take credit cards or cash. 

After this, the long three hour bus ride back to the port.

We enjoyed the incredible sights, people and food in Egypt that day and highly recommend a visit to this amazing country. 

Be mindful and respectful of local tradition, be safe and explore!

Stay curious fellow Nomads!

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